I liked the sign out in front of the opera house for our show in McConnelsville, Ohio.
It's a beautiful theater, run by Adam Shriver.
Elliot played his Fender that night for our live recording.
Zeke Hutchison sat in for John Ortman, who was out west skiing with his brothers.
The first occasion for the band's name to be "up in lights" -- Nov. 11, 2006 at the Ariel Theatre in Gallipolis, Oh.
Rob Hardin/Senior Staff Photographer (The Post):
"Elliot Abrams, Greg Bikowski, Bob Stewart and John Ortman lay down a smooth blues groove during their Tuesday night rehearsal. The "giggy" quartet will bring its unique sound to the Donkey this Saturday at 9 p.m."
Stewart began recording his second solo CD project in late 2005. In December of that year, Mike Radcliffe (#28) recorded drum tracks for five of the songs on the CD. Chris Weibel (below) sets the levels on his computer at 3Elliot Studio in Athens, Ohio.
Weibel, who also produced "Don't Think You Know," produced the second CD, "A Million Miles Away from Home."
Here's the ProTools version of "I Got This Feelin'."
Radcliffe had to tune down the tom to a B flat for one of the five songs ("A Million Miles Away from Home").
Radcliffe, charting out the drum arrangement prior to recording "Big Fat Baby."
The Bob Stewart Band performs at The Forum Theatre on the Ohio University campus.
Bob playing at a "Folk You" session in Chicago (December, 2005). Danya Malow, also appearing that night, sang harmony on "Don't Think You Know."
The Bob Stewart Band playing at Donkey Coffee in Athens, Ohio.
Bob, playing at Kramer's Bookstore in Washington, D.C.
Stewart, playing at Folk You! in Evanston, Il.
Stewart, playing an open mic at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe.
Stewart playing in Leipzig, Germany in July, 2005.
The Bob Stewart Band's lead guitar player, Elliot Abrams, also played the Leipzig set.
Guenter Bentele (from Berlin/Leipzig) joined Bob and Elliot for part of the set.
Friederich Pohl (aka "Fripoh"), who played cello on "Fare Thee Well" (DTYK), played along on several songs.
Bob, with Zeke Hutchison (center) on mando and John Ortman on harmonica, playing at the Athens Relay for Life (Athens, Ohio 2004).
"Fripoh" on cello, at Donkey Coffee (Athens, Ohio 2003).
At age 11 Stewart performed "House of the Rising Sun" for a talent show on the President Cleveland ship en route from Japan to San Francisco.
Bob(by) Stewart, age 11, playing his sister's guitar (Bangkla, Thailand 1968).