the storm (2006 Elliot Abrams)

You've got to run, you've got to run away
You've got to run out over that ocean unless you find another way
You've got to climb if you're to see the sun
You've got to climb on top of the mountain, then climb yourself another one

Everyone's got their point of view
But just make darn sure it don't point at you
There's things they say, but there's things they do
So run away from the storm

You've got to fly until you see the light
You've got fly on out of the city or get yourself a better flight
You've got to hide you've got to hide away
You've got to hide inside of the circle and wait until another day

Everyone's got their special cause
So they fight for peace or they fight for war
But in the end it's just you and yours
So run away from the storm

Every play has a sinner and every line has a form
And somewhere straight in the center you stay in the eye of the storm