the goodbye song (©2006 Bob Stewart)

I've been hanging around this town for some time now, they're telling me it's time to go
They say everybody's got a field of their own to plow, everybody's got a field to sow
They say everybody's got a place of their own in the sun, everybody's got a race to run
They say that my race has just begun it's time to kick up my heals and run

So goodbye mother and brother, goodbye friend and lover
Tomorrow won't stay gone another day
Goodbye teachers and preacher, I'm leaving my hometown bleachers
I'm travelin' down a new highway

I really shouldn't hold onto the past, but Iíll hold it as long as it lasts
It's slowly fading into a dream
It's too late for me to cry, but too soon to smile
What will I do with these tears inside?

It seems that yesterday is a friend who I'll never see again, her smile is all that I remember
So goodbye today, you've been a friend but you've gone away
You've turned into another of many other yesterdays