old lovers' lament (2006 Bob Stewart)

Her eyes were staring into the next room just a little vacant and glazed
The years she had spent all alone at night made a tear slowly fall out of sight
His cane wound up under his hand, his pipe rarely ever burned
With holes in the toes of dirty blue socks and holes in the ways that he had learned

And the veins and the wrinkles protruded, and the lines of old age were made clear
The passive resistance had long since ceased; the battle was won by the years

Letters and cards of sweet remorse flooded the box in the home that wasn't their own
Trembling hands and a faltering squint could no longer read the print
Walking down halls where old age seems to crawl tomorrow is more than a year away
Visiting hours are from ten to one but nobody bothers to come

And the memories seem to live for a lifetime, though the lover's lover had passed on
The long years of love'n made a sparkle in their eye
oh, the past was going, going, but never gone
yeah the past was going, going, but never gone