i got this feelin' (©2006 Bob Stewart)

I got this feeling I donít understand
Youí got me reeling at your command
I just donít know what youíre doing to me
Youíre complicated, thatís so easy to see

First you say Iím too hot, then you say Iím too cold
All this pushing and pulling sígot me tired and old

Iíve got this feeling, all my friends can tell
Youíve got me reeling, fallin' under your spell
Can we make it happen? Can we get real tight?
Or are you shifting and drifting, dropping out of my sight?

Iíve got this feeling burning inside
Youíve got me reeling on a roller coaster ride
I canít think clearly when Iím thinking of you
You make my brain so weary, you make my face turn blue