The CD "a million miles away from home" was released on Aug. 8, 2006, the one-year anniversary of the state of Ohio's "Day of Mourning" following the deaths the previous week of 14 Marines from Ohio. It's also the anniversary of the day I wrote the song, "A Million Miles Away from Home." I released the single on the Web on February 8, 2006, the six-month anniversary of Ohio's "Day of Mourning." That version can be freely downloaded (see options below), copied and passed along to anyone you feel may find comfort in it, provided you do not charge for it.

1. your love[mp3][lyrics][notes]
2. the storm (by Elliot Abrams)[mp3][lyrics][notes]
3. one emotion[mp3][lyrics][notes]
4. big phat baby[mp3][notes]
5. i never knew lonely[mp3][lyrics][notes]
6. the goodbye song[mp3][lyrics][notes]
7. i got this feelin'[mp3][lyrics][notes]
8. old lovers' lament[mp3][lyrics][notes]
9. dragon fly[mp3][notes]
10. can we ever be the same?[mp3][lyrics][notes]
11. the doxology[mp3][notes]
12. a million miles away from home[mp3][lyrics][notes]

To purchase the full CD send $10 (includes shipping) to me at 66 Morris Ave., Athens OH 45701; send questions to or call 740/594-3843. The album also is available through iTunes and Rhapsody.

Options for downloading the single version of "A Million Miles Away from Home":

  • dialup (mp3) version (5 meg)
  • broadband (mp3) version (8 meg)
  • iTunes/iPod (mp4) version (3 meg)
  • LCPL Edward "Augie" Schroeder* tribute
    note: Schroeder was killed in action in Haditha, Iraq, on August 3, 2005. His father, Paul, produced this tribute using "A Million Miles Away from Home."
  • read/write comment(s) about the song
  • background information
  • song lyrics/credits (for original version)
  • get help for downloading
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