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Bikowski, Abrams, Stewart, and Ortman

Bob Stewart has been playing guitar since he was nine and writing songs since he was 14. His second CD of original songs ("A Million Miles Away from Home") was released on August 8, 2006. His first CD, "Don't Think You Know," was released in June, 2004. Stewart's strongest musical influences are James Taylor, John Prine and Bruce Cockburn. Included in most Bob Stewart Band performances are "Moody Blue," written when he was in high school, "Shadow Boxer," written in 1977, as well as such songs as "All Over Again," "Another Chance to Fall," and "Fare Thee Well." His collaborations with lyricist Stacy Puzo include "That's Not What Dancin's For," "Walkin'," "Your Love," "Summer Song," and "I Never Knew Lonely." Stewart lives with his wife, Penny, in Athens, Ohio. A professor of journalism at Ohio University, he approaches song-writing, performing with The Bob Stewart Band, and recording as serious hobbies.

Elliot Abrams began playing guitar as a young teenager on Long Island and has never stopped. Currently living with his family in Athens, Ohio, he is a professor of anthropology and has conducted archaeological research in Central America, Mexico, and the United States. Playing music with great guys in the Bob Stewart Band is a wonderful hobby.

Greg Bikowski has been playing music since he was eight years old. He has been an active bass player since 1992. His bass styles include anything from classical to jazz, blues to country. He's played all across the midwest and played in a Salvadoran band while living in Central America. Originally from South Bend, Indiana, he currently lives in Athens, Ohio with his wife and two sons. He works as a paramedic for SEOEMS.

Johnny Ortman began playing the harmonica while working the summer on his uncles farm at the age of 11. Learning entirely by ear he played folk songs, gospel music and, Christmas carols all in the straight harp method. While attending Michigan State University, he went to hear the great James Cotton blues band and began to learn how to play in a blues or "cross" harp style. He never played publicly until Bob Stewart, having heard him play at private parties, invited him to join the band in 2003. "Sugar Boy," or Dr. John Ortman, as he is professionally recognized, has been a practicing physician in Athens, Ohio since 1977.
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